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ZAP Media grows as a digital company through partnerships with traditional media.

We are not your typical digital marketing service provider.

ZAP Media's owner and founder, Jay ZAP, started planning our company in 2003; and then spent 5 years acquiring the skills and resources to launch as a web development company and email service provider in 2009.  Just as methodical as ZAP Media's inception, the next 2 years were spent adjusting to the demands of local SMBs and to the rapidly changing landscape of the digital marketing arena.

In 2011, Jay decided to do something radical.  It was a slow struggle to build a client base of web oriented businesses, and the ecosystem between online and the real world was still in flux to stabilize cost versus ROI, for any business that wanted to transition their branding, marketing, and advertising to include digital reach.  This was just as true for ZAP Media.

Because of this, Jay took a full-time position with then local broadcaster Pineridge Broadcasting, and became the Digital Sales Manager, Digital Services Manager, and Digital Developer for Pineridge's 3 local radio stations and 2 local news outlets; Located in Cobourg and Peterborough, Ontario.

This relationship grew over the next 5 years and became a two-way street of benefit.  ZAP Media became the digital products and services provider for Pineridge Broadcasting, branded as Pineridge Media, and Pineridge Broadcasting became the sales force and management head for ZAP Media's evolving business plan.

Now 10 years later, while working with more broadcasters every year, ZAP Media is proud to boast that we provide digital products and services to over 100 television and radio stations across Canada and the United States, and a host of local businesses.

online market foundationOffering digital products and services that include:

  • Web design and integration
  • Mobile App design
  • Cross-platform marketing
  • Audio and Video production services
  • Display ad systems and integration
  • Social Media and eMail Marketing
  • Contest and Ad Campaign development and deployment
  • Graphic Design, Photography, Videography, Writing, Voicing, etc.
  • ...and the list goes on.

We would like to thank Pineridge Broadcasting (RIP), New Client Generator, Durham Radio Inc., and all of our clients over the years, for not only shaping ZAP Media into the company that it is today, but also for your partnership, your time and resources, and for your trust and dedication to bridging the gap between traditional and new media; for the benefit of local independent business.

All the best to you for a productive and exciting future!

The ZAP Media Crew

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