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We believe in a seamless online experience for your customers, and for your marketing.

Our websites are responsive, and look great on smartTV's, Smartphones, Tablets, and Computers; using award winning systems.

Mobile Apps for iPhone, Android, Blackberry10, and Kindle devices. Impressive retail features!

ZAP Media - Audio Video ServicesMedia Production

We're fully licensed on today's industry standard software for media production.

HD Drone Helicopter, 16 Track Mobile Recording Studio, and Green Screen Video.

From a simple shoot to professional broadcasting and production, we have the experience (and toys) you need.

ZAP Media - Digital MarketingMarketing & Advertising

We've built you a solid foundation, and given you that million dollar shine, now what?

Over the last 7 years we have worked with 100s of local businesses, radio broadcasters, and consulted international companies.

Social, eMail, Mobile, Radio, Display - When you're ready for your next campaign, contact us.

So What's New at ZAP Media?


ZAP Media has returned home to ZAP Records at their new Peterborough location.  You can find Jay at 425 George Street North on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.  Watch for new websites from Durham Radio Inc., with 6 radio station websites and 4 mobile apps, launching this October.  We're currently testing and repackaging social media and online marketing programs, preparing to launch new programs for local SMBs this January.  If you'd like a free consultation get in touch and we'll be happy to give you a sneak peek at what's coming from ZAP Media in 2019.

Download the ZAP Media example app for Apple, Android, and Amazon devices. More here.

Contact us for a free consultation to learn how our apps can help you increase sales through customer engagement and a connected client base.

ZAP Media's products and services now support more than 80 radio and television broadcasters in Canada and the United States!

Thanks to www.newclientgenerator.com, a ZAP client who has made use of our web and marketing development services for over 5 years now. Thanks NCG!