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So What's New at ZAP Media?


June 2019 - ZAP Media is proud to announce the completion of all 7 of Durham Radio Inc. web properties and their 4 mobile apps. This has been a long term project spanning the last 2-3 years  Thank you DRI for the opportunity to break out our latest gadgets and gizmos, and put them to work for you!  You can check out a few of their radio station website here:  www.therock.fm | www.kx96.fm | www.powerofradio.ca .

The focus of ZAP Media has spent the past 8-9 years being dialed-in to the Radio Broadcasting industry.  Alongside the structural development of a company's platform, ZAP Media helps to develop new sales opportunities and revenue streams for and from the systems we build.  As each client grows, we grow with them.  It's important to get your digital plan right, and that's where we come in.

Thanks DRI !  Looking forward to the road ahead.


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ZAP Media's products and services now support more than 80 radio and television broadcasters in Canada and the United States!

Thanks to www.newclientgenerator.com, a ZAP client who has made use of our web and marketing development services for more than 7 years now. Thanks NCG!